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To promote the self-defined sustainable development for a better and organized world.

Mati Canada

Mati Canada is an organization that aims to join all its human forces, energy, and love in the universal fight against Climate change, forced displacement, poverty and towards a life in dignity for all human beings, regardless of gender, status, color or creed.

Spreading the ray of hope

Our Philosophy

MATI strongly believe in a universal right to a life in dignity for all human beings. Through all our actions we do our best to reflect the principles of equality, fairness, democracy, good governance, and human rights. Conflicts have to be solved solely through peaceful means. We see an intact eco-system as a prerequisite for successful, sustainable development and the well-being of all people.

We have put all our good faith and effort – together with our partners on the local, national and international level – towards the realization of our ultimate goal to realize our dream of one world where secure livelihoods for the most vulnerable are guaranteed, a dream based on the universal principles of love and compassion for every human being.

We regard our work as a most needed statement of solidarity and fairness, and of maximum companionship in contrast to maximum profit. We perceive ourselves as just one tiny part in the bigger picture of all those who are working towards a better tomorrow for all sentient beings – in this world of plenty.

Development Projects by Mati Can

Climate Change Movement

For a green and clean world.....


Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement....


Working with different organizations to help to do research......

Organic Movement

To promote organic agriculture and better health...........

Poverty alleviation

MATI Canada has been established as a thriving gateway to self-defined sustainable development......

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Gather a group of friends to make a difference


Speak up for people facing a problem or challenge


Use your will and power to change the world


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You can get involved with a good cause by supporting a child in need.

To support, you can give us a knock or visit Mati Bangladesh website. 

Support a Child

Cause every children has rights to get a better life.

You can change a person’s life by ensuring professional training to reduce poverty in developing nations and assure women empowerment. Sponsor a student for Paramedic Course.

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