Climate Change Movement

Through the Climate change movement, Mati Canada seeks to protect and save the natural world and promote sustainable living.

Mati Canada is working to fight global warming and climate change with a strong team of climate fighters, climate Guides, and numbers of volunteers. Mati is also involved with other partner organizations to perform their climate change awareness activity.

We believe that “We Control Climate Change”.

Mati Canada wants to enhance their knowledge in all areas connected to the field of climate change. We want to contribute fruitfully to the social discourse on Climate Change and raise awareness on its implications for society in Canada.

Having understood the individual responsibility of every person, Mati pledge to incorporate the understandings derived into their own private lives, in order to start making a much-needed change in our living and consumption patterns.

dead trees, dry, deserted

We need to understand:

  • The need for an ecological balance of the earth. 
  • The impact personal lifestyle has on the ecological balance (Ecological Footprint).
  • The importance of biodiversity.
  • The importance of an intact agricultural system. 
  • The demand for a limit to unrestricted economic growth models

The sectors Mati Working related to Environment & Climate Action:

  • Building awareness regarding individual responsibilities to fight against climate change among community people.  
  • Climate change adaptation.
  • Breath for the earth urban cleaning campaign.
  • Creating consciousness against using products that destroy the ecological balance.